• Diary of Brave Rave Book #1


    "Diary of a Diva's Daughter with a Do-It-All Dad starring BRAVE RAVE" is the first of the "Diary of BRAVE RAVE" book series which is dedicated to the life of young Raven. Book #1 sets the founding stage to why Raven is how and who she is. This book is a hilarious read that focusses on the pressures, privileges and real life struggles of being a child in today's modern world. Each chapter has been written to encourage grit, character education and healthy problem solving surrounding gender respect, bullying and honesty. (Just what our young readers need!) We want to keep our young people empowered and ensure that they Be Brave & Rave On!!

    Suggested Reader Age : 9 -13

    Word Count : 20,000 plus

    Pages: 260

    Chapters : 17